A rare wristwatch was made in USSR ca 1930s by TOCHMEKH State Trust as an award watch.


A metal silver colored dial has signs "Award", "TOCHMEKH State Trust, Moscow" 


The back cover of the large 49 mm case has an anniversary engraving with the portrait of of Felix Dzerzhinsky and signs "VeCheKa" (an acronym for "All-Russian Extraordinary Committee to Combat Counter-Revolution and Sabotage"), "GPU" (State Political Directorate), "5 years, 1917-1922". 


The 15 Jewels Swiss made vintage mechanical movement is in the good working condition.


The leather  modern wristband executed in a vintage style.


The watch is fully serviced by watchmaker (cleaned, oiled, adjusted, etc...) and it is in the good working condition.


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USSR AWARD wristwatch ca. 1930

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