It was made by order of NKVD as award to Soviet Union Officers, reward engraving on the back cover,  signed metal dial.

A rare wristwatch was made in USSR by TOCHMEKH State Trust ca.1930s as an award watch by the order of NKVD (People's Ministry of Internal Affairs).

A metal metal dial with the black base is in the good condition. It has a logo of NKVD in the center with signs "Tochmekh State Trust", "by the order of NKVD", "Moscow".

The back cover of the huge case has a reward engraving in Russian.

The Swiss made CYMA mechanical movement is in the good working condition.

The modern wristband executed in a vintage style, handmade from the genuine leather.

Movement diameter:  40 mm. Case diameter (without crown): 49 mm.

The watch has been checked, cleaned and adjusted.

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USSR AWARD wristwatch

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