One of the brands of watches produced by the First Moscow Watch Factory was Poljot. First produced in 1964, these watches were used by Soviet military pilots at the time. After WWII, the Soviet government decided to give all pilot watches produced by the First Moscow Watch Factory the brand name ‘Poljot’ — an apt name that means ‘flight’ in Russian. During this time, in the ‘60s, Russian watches were being manufactured at a much faster pace, with incredible designs. They even started exporting their watches primarily to the USA.


And this timepiece was made as an export version of Poljot watch. It consist Poljot 23 jewels manual wind shockproof movement caliber 2209,  number 0100735, black dial in the excellent condition, thin case with number 8342879, genuine leather black wristband.


The watch is checked, cleaned and adjusted, it is in the good cosmetic and working condition.


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POLJOT De Luxe 23 jewels USSR handwind mechanical wristwatch

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