Although Luch watches are manufactured in Belarus, one of the former Slavic republics of the Soviet Union, this watch is considered by many as Russian at heart.

The decision to build the plant was taken in 1953, and from 1955 watches were produced in Minsk, including the brands Luch, Zarya and Vympel.


The LUCH Medical watch has a  rare movement caliber LUCH-1956.


The development of a quartz electronic-mechanical watch with a stepper motor was started in 1980. The next year the first industrial batch of LUCH-1956 watches was produced. In 1981, taking into account the high technical level of development of the mechanism and the aesthetic data of the external design, the Luch-1956 watch was awarded the “Big Gold Medal” at the international fair in Plovdiv (Bulgaria).


The watch is in the good cosmetic and working condition, comes with a stainess steel bracelet.


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LUCH Quartz Medical Soviet wristwatch, made in 1981

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