We bring New Life For Old Watches


NewOldWatches is a watch art studio specializing in customizing vintage (and also modern) mechanical watches since 2005.


We convert pocket watches to wrist watches, create new dials, build new cases, skeletonize movements, engrave movements / cases / dials / buckles / heads and do more other works on the field of the watch restoration.


We offer completed watches so you can buy vintage custom watch right now, just check our watch store!


Pics of watches that have found their lucky owners earlier placed in our watch collection. You can order watch from that collection and we will  be happy to build for you the same watch.


For your vintage watch we offer watch parts (handmade dials, custom cases, straps, ...).

And of course we offer different watch services for restoration and customization of vintage watches.

Our Watch Stores

Vintage Custom Wrist Watches


Timepieces with vintage mechanical movements (mainly Swiss made) 'married' with  hand-crafted cases and new handmade dials. 

Modern Custom Wrist Watches


New modern mechanical watches with new handmade dials and hand-crafted cases and treated movements

Vintage Military Wrist Watches


Store of military related/styled vintage timepieces

USSR & Russian Wrist Watches


Store of Soviet Union era watches

Our Watch Part Stores